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How to Treat Cat Fleas on Humans

Want to know how to treat cat fleas on humans? There are two main points to remember when discussing fleas and humans. First, fleas do not live on humans, so treating humans means treating the effects of flea bites. Second, eradicate the source of the fleas from returning to bite again. Here are some easy steps to treat the impact of cat fleas on humans.

  1. First: Your body

    Wash the bitten areas with soap to help prevent infection of the site. If a bitten area is swelling a great deal, apply ice packs or cold compresses to reduce the swelling. Ice packs or cold compresses also help alleviate itching. For additional treatment, apply over-the-counter remedies like hydrocortisone cream and calamine lotion.

  2. Second: Your home

    Treat the areas of the home that harbor fleas and use flea treatments on any cats in the home. Eliminating fleas from the environment is essential. Vacuum all areas of infestation and discard the vacuum bags after vacuuming. After you remove the adult fleas from the home, treat the upholstery and other areas with a flea control product that contains an insect growth regulator. These products kill fleas but do not harm humans or animals.

  3. Third: Your cat

    Take your cat to a veterinarian for treatment. Many vets recommend an oral preventive that cats take as a pill to prevent future flea outbreaks.